Aygen Services


  • Follow-up and finalization of the products subject to the import and export customs procedures
  • All Customs Regimes Applications and Consulting Services (release for free circulation, export, transit, Warehousing, Processing Under Customs Control, Dali processing, Outward Processing, Temporary Import)
  • CN (Customs Tariff Position) Determination of compliance with the required permits and certificates required for import and export cases to be taken. (Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Industry, University, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture and other ministries affiliated units, other public and private organizations, consulates, etc.)
  •  Foreign Trade, Foreign Exchange Law, Law on the Protection of the Turkish lira, KDV Law, Public Law and the Customs Regulations in connection with receivables Other legislation related consultancy services
  • Free zone input and output operations
  • Consulting services free zone legislation      
  • Ordino - Bill of Lading follow-up actions
  • Exporters' Union accession process on
  •  warehousing Services
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