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Human Resources

Objectives, above all, the power of its human resources gerçekleştirenAYGEN customs brokerage, mutual trust and respect, dominated by adopting its goal of becoming a community where participation and value diversity. supply of highly qualified human resources, the continuous development of its employees and always gave importance to keep motivation high. Employee satisfaction and keeping at the forefront of the development of know-how by way of blending the new, creative opportunities believes caught.

Based on the objectives and principles of the best CUSTOMS CONSULTANCY AYGEN In order to contribute to our group are working throughout the year. AYGEN CUSTOMS CONSULTANCY hiring as one of the most important points in which we are competencies. Application formumuzda competencies in the curriculum vitae of the candidate's understanding of open-ended questions provide clues in the name of. Which will be invested at the department evaluates candidates for the following nine main competencies we expect to have.
These competencies:
• Direction Setting
• Team Work
• Contact
• Co-operation Development
• Results Orientation
• Creativity and Entrepreneurship
• Development of Self and Work Friends
• Compliance and Managing differences
• Customer Awareness
listed as.
As a result of all these evaluations are found to be suitable candidates for a job offer by the company and located in the corresponding position of the candidate starts working. Here, our goal, knowledge, skills and competencies of people questioning the qualifications of resettlement work to ensure the right fit.
Us Customs department AYGEN newcomers integrate quickly in order to provide our friends, Recruitment Compliance Program (Orientation Program) are organized. Under this program,
• Corporate presentation, the Company's vision, strategy and objectives
• Human Resources strategies and practices
• The Company's presentation of the Company's vision, strategy and objectives
• publicity and information is transferred to the function and position.